"It is quite perfect and lovely right out of the bag!!"

- Susan from Georgia

I am quite the food critic and pride myself in quality cooking / ingredients when I cook. I could tell this product was made with those standards. I made it, ate it, ENJOYED IT, just as it is. I had no need to add anything, and I wasn't saying things in my head while I ate like "this would be better IF..." Thanks for providing such a delicious and healthy option for flavor-critical, busy, wanting-to-be-more health conscious folks! I KNOW we'll be back for more!

"Breakfast just became my favorite meal of the day!"

- Susie from Michigan

I just have to give you two thumbs up (if I had more thumbs, you'd get those, too!) on your delicious, awesomely wonderful oatmeal. It's not only good, it's good FOR you - and that combination doesn't always happen. Kudos to you for this terrific product... Thanks so much.

"It's filling, tasty, and the fruit is a nice sweet touch."

- Valeria from Massachusetts

Recently, our trainer recommended that we increase our protein intake. I noticed that your oatmeal is a great source of it, so I encouraged him (boyfriend) to give it a try (even though he said he "hates" oatmeal). But he's been eating it pretty much every day now.

"Once you try Mad Hectic, nothing else is good enough."

- Gloria and Family from Massachusetts

I never had my family so excited about oatmeal and this includes me.

"FABULOUS!!! It is the best oatmeal I have ever eaten!"

- Carol from Georgia

I love that it is crunchy with the taste of flaxseeds and just the right amount of sweetness. I don't usually like prepared oatmeal because it is too sweet, but not this. Perfect in everything... I'm excited!

" have limited time and your oatmeal is the perfect solution"

- Megan from Washington

The oatmeal is AWESOME Beth! I love it... As I just had a new baby, I have limited time and your oatmeal is the perfect solution - especially for when I have to go back to work in a few weeks! I will tell everyone I know about this product! Thank you!

"This will definitely become a staple for me in the mornings."

- Andrea from Maryland

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Mad Hectic Foods already. I'm enjoying my French Chocolate right now at my desk at work and I'm in LOVE! Thank you again... I'll pass the word along to my friends and family!