We use only the finest ingredients with no artificial colors or sweeteners and no trans fats!

We research and test each and every ingredient that goes into our oatmeal, not just for taste, but for how clean the product is. We would never make something that we wouldn’t eat ourselves and want to share our passion for high quality oatmeal with you!


Organic Oats

We start with organic oats that are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Many healthcare professionals recommend eating oatmeal daily to help reduce cholesterol and protect your heart. A high-fiber breakfast also helps keep blood sugar levels balanced and helps you feel full longer, reducing the urge to splurge on high-sugar foods between meals.


Oatmeal does not naturally contain gluten, but due to cross contamination with wheat products on the same farmland and machinery, oats will often have slight traces of gluten in them. Gluten-free oats are processed in such a way that there is no cross-contamination. In terms of numbers, gluten-free oats have 0-20ppm (parts per million) gluten. The oats in Mad Hectic Oatmeal are marginally higher depending upon processing methods.


All-natural whey protein

Next, we add all-natural, ultrafiltered whey protein that contains NO pesticides, herbicides, rBST growth hormones, or antibiotics. A high protein breakfast is important for both children and adults. Many studies show that children who regularly eat high-protein breakfasts get better grades, show improved concentration, less irritability and moodiness, and have better weight management.


Organic Flaxseed

Ground, organic flaxseed meal is the next important ingredient in our oatmeal. Each of our flavors gives you between 800-1,100 mg of omega-3 per serving!

Click here to read more about the benefits of flaxseed


Organic sesame seeds

Organic sesame seeds, in every flavor except Just Plain Good, gives you additional calcium, magnesium, fiber, and taste.


    Real fruit

    All-natural freeze-dried raspberries and strawberries! Freeze-drying allows the fruit's natural flavor, color and nutrients to remain intact, whereas other brands use dehydrated fruit that is heated first and typically has sugar or salt added to preserve freshness. Our fruit is non-GMO with absolutely no additives, preservatives or sweeteners!


    Raw nuts

    For those who like a little crunch to their breakfast, you'll love our raw almonds and Texas pecans. Nuts are little nutritional powerhouses, with healthy fats, fiber, plant sterols and many vitamins and minerals. Each bag is generously filled to ensure optimal crunchiness.


    Dark Chocolate

    While creating the chocolate mixes, we looked at several different brands, and after much testing (I mean, can you blame us? ) we found a premium dark chocolate from France with unparalleled taste that is packed into elegant little pearls. Who said chocolate was only for dessert?