• Clearly, this is not<br> your ordinary oatmeal!
  • Packed with <br>all-natural protein!
  • Give back with <br>Random Acts of Oatmeal!

A great-tasting, high-protein hot oatmeal mix .

Created to be an easy way to get important nutrients into your daily routine. We use only the finest ingredients with no artificial colors or sweeteners and no trans fats. Mad Hectic Oatmeal is incredibly tasty oatmeal that cooks in just one minute!

Our Flavors

  • Strawberry Pecan
  • Red Raspberry
  • Just Plain Good
  • French Chocolate
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Almond Pecan
  • Raspberry Almond

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Happy Saturday oatmeal-lovers! Craving something yummy yet healthy? At Mad Hectic, we aren't shy when it comes to showing you what goes into our gourmet oatmeal mixes. How can we be with carefully selected berries, nuts and chocolate like this?! Let's face it, life is mad hectic and we don't always eat what we should. But it's the little changes that can make a difference to our health and well-being! @madhecticfoods @madhecticfoods #oats #oatmeal #proats #protein #health #wellness #breakfast #organic #local #berries #foodporn #houston #omega3 #flax

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Why eat sugary dehydrated fruit when you can have these! Freeze-dried, all natural, non-GMO strawberries are incredibly tasty and guilt-free. No added ANYTHING, with more natural color, flavor and vitamins than the other stuff that contains preservatives or uneccesary sugar. At Mad Hectic, our gourmet oats only get the best of the best, and our bright red strawberries are no excpetion! Try some today at www.madhecticfoods.com!

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